Health:Angel and the HÖHNER meet Austrian culinary arts

With Songs like "Give me your heart", "Stand up, make it loud!" or "Viva Colonia". the Cologne band "Höhner" is known throughout the country. But it is not only the music that is important to the multi-award-winning band around frontman Henning Krautmacher. The "Höhner" also make a name for themselves time and again with their social commitment. For this, the band has now been awarded the Health:Angel. The initiators of the competition for successful health communication were particularly impressed by the Höhner's long-standing commitment to the Cologne LobbyRestaurant, where people from all social classes are welcome as guests. Henning Krautmacher (front man), Micki Schläger (drummer), Johnny H. Younes, Voggenreiter Verlag GmbH and the President of the Health Media Award e.V. discussed how the presentation of the Health:Angel 2021 in Cologne could be organised officially and with media impact in the time of Corona at the K+K Weinhäuschen in Bonn-Mehlem.

On this occasion, Henning Krautmacher also took over the trusteeship of the Health:Angel for Annette Frierwhich is now waiting to be handed over in Cologne.