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For decades, destination pro has been supporting agencies in the Himalayas and the Alps in the conception of their products and ideas for hiking, trekking and expeditions. The focus is always on the working conditions and precautionary measures on site to ensure that staff, service providers and guests can travel safely and healthily through the natural landscapes of the world, with communication always in the foreground. The aim of the Health Media Award to promote health topics in the public with a Health:Angel is great and the topic should be more in focus worldwide. destination supports this idea and is looking forward to the implementation of an "audience award" or a relay race to Nepal. The question is who will reach the summit of Mount Everest first. The corona virus did not make it, it failed already at the base camp, as the FAZ reported.

Michael Schott, Managing Director destination pro plans to award the Health:Angel at a height of over 3,000 m for the first time.

The idea to award an audience prize of this amount and to demand the necessary fitness from the prize-winners was already suggested in 2020 by my colleague Peter Habeler inspired (Michael Schott)