La Strada - The Zampanò of Oberstdorf

Veli Kayhan, a funny and friendly restaurateur with over 20 years of experience, doesn't sing, but he presents his best act to his guests young and old at Hauptstraße 8 in Oberstdorf: "Pizza Marianne". Veli powerfully shapes the pizza dough with his bare hands.

"I dedicate this pizza creation with a lot of heart to my childhood sweetheart Marianne, who married a cheese maker from Vorarlberg and unfortunately not me",

Veli explains to us. It is now 9 pm, Oberstdorf is asleep, but in the La Strada 8 the real action starts now! Everyone just wants to see Jolanta, a lovely Lithuanian who likes to serve her guests non-alcoholic Jever with Sprite.

The verdict from our gourmet tester: **** Plus!