YSTAD - The City of Murderers

You wouldn't even recognise it here in this small town in southern Sweden. An idyll of half-timbered houses, magnificent hollyhocks in front of the house walls, a quiet atmosphere. This town is a shocking contrast to the gruesome crimes invented by the author who died in 2015. Henning Mankell. The town is called Ystad. It is located in southern Sweden, about 1 hour from Malmö, and is famous for the Commissioner Wallander films. If you visit Ystad, In addition to the filming locations of numerous crime thrillers, a visit to Sweden's largest Studio system is not missing. On the grounds of a former barracks, visitors can see original sets and props from the Wallander films, but also from film productions such as "The Bridge" or other productions.

In a studio set, there is even the possibility of sitting in the actor's original chair. Krister Henrikssonwho had played Commissioner Wallander, to take a comfortable seat. Just like in the film, the whisky glass is here, the opera can be heard in the background or the view falls on the piano next to the legendary bookshelf of the well-read investigator Kurt Wallander. Anyone who has seen the films is amazed at how faithfully Wallander's private flat was staged. The living room does not really exist as a house. All the interior scenes were shot here. "When browsing through costumes, props, craftsmen's kits, green screen, newspaper exhibits or Linda Wallander's leather top, the visitor wonders what actually happened to all the young actors and actresses who took part in the detective series Inspector Wallander"., we want to hear from Anette Hansson, Ystad Studios Visitor Centre. know. "Oh, many Swedish actors started their acting careers here at Ystad Studios with roles in the Wallander films or other productions. Noomi Rapace recently shot a short film here. Despite her international success, she has never lost touch with the studio. Many of the children of the Wallander series have since completed their education or studies, work for television or have left Ystad for other professional reasons."says Hansson.

The filming of the Wallander films has been finished for a few years, but Ystad is now an established film town, "Swedish Hollywood", as some here tell us. Ninety films have been shot here since 2004.