pete - small but mighty! 

If you want to meet St. Anton's successful Olympian and freeskier Andy Gohl, you have to spend at least a week in the village's smallest hotel, the PETE Sport & Hotel stay overnight. An autograph session is then already included in the room rate!

But even without the celebrity factor, the Gohl family has a lot to offer. Those who don't want to come by in person can order from the Sport Pete online store. In addition to expert advice, tour recommendations, mountain bike rental and nature-loving small and large, fully electronically controlled, freshly ventilated suites, the Gohl family has succeeded in establishing a feel-good ambience in the Triol mountain village, which lies at an altitude of 1,300 m, with the new building in 2013.

"With the hotel name PETE (from Peter, the first name of the owner) we wanted to emphasise the family concept. The choice of name was discussed for a long time in our family",

Peter Gohl explains.

The absolute highlight is the extensive breakfast buffet. Then there is the legendary omelette á la Hildegard, which can also be prepared in the "Carina style", i.e. a little spicier for the "hobby mountaineer".

"Brevity is the spice of life. Nobody goes on a long mountain tour without an omelette and a fortifying muesli,

recommends Carina, eldest daughter of the owner. 

Well then, until the next Winter Olympics.