Koblenz (German Standard) - September 2021 (cancelled due to COVID-19)

10 Sep. 2021 - 11 Sep. 2021
17:30 - 2:00

Rhine-Moselle Hall Julius-Wegeler-Strasse 4, 56068 Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany

Award of the Health:Angel

Laureate: Info will be provided later

Staging: Elena Gurova and Anatoli Flink in cooperation with HMA e.V.

Moderation: Emily Whigman, Ben Streubel, Tony Westwood

Special Guests: Kamran Hasnova, Konstantin Petrovitsch, Jegov family (guest list to follow)

Sponsors: Gazprom, Retrogroup, Welcome sausage factory, Grig company

Celebrity Laudator: Vladimir Putin (requested)